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Why Sha foods idli dosa batter?

We experienced from last 15 years serving food to corporates, pg's for residences old age people our food 3year child digest our food keeping in mind preparing fully hegienic food the same food we all family members have finally no preservatives, no soda added in food.
Idli dosa batter:- hope we keeping in mind making fully seperate batter of idly seperate and dosa seperate batter which gives good results in having we experienced serving idly dosas to our customers from our restaurant which are fully satisfied with our healthy food
God willing we are coming soon with natural edible virgin oil and free range farming eggs and goat milk.
Sha foods worked very hard to make idli dosa batter to bring accuracy and potentially to develop better n better batter every day we get complements from our customers whic keeps us moving working harder and smarter to increase the quantity of our batter our aim is to reach maximum families atleast tastes our idli dosa batter once
The reason behind these success is customers who motivated us to sell batter who eats everyday and takes or idli dosa batter to their loving families
We given all our hardwork, effort, time, energy, life just to serve people who takes daily routine healthy idly dosa batter

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